Signature Creations Are The Flavors Of Spring

May 3, 2010 · Leave a Comment 

Kamryn came to Fresh Cup with her mom, and together they built their frozen yogurt masterpieces, with one to spare! This is Kamryn posing with their creations (that’s Kamryn’s on the right.) Any other budding yogurt artists itching to show their talent? Fresh Cup lets you create the yogurt of your dreams!

Kamryn's Frozen Yogurt Creation at Fresh Cup

Alicia & Luis make a great Father-Daughter Team. They both sampled Fresh Cup’s latest flavors, and filled their cups to their hearts’ desires. They didn’t have to agree on which yogurt was the best. After all, Fresh Cup offers 12 different varieties of cool frozen perfection, and 60 delectable toppings. So they could each create their own signature dish. Father-Daughter day at Fresh Cup; Who could ask for more?

Luis & Alicia's Frozen Yogurt Creations

Monica had never been to Fresh Cup before. After sampling the yogurts, she decided on the newest Fresh Cup flavor, Cinnamon Bun frozen yogurt, combined with Dulce de Leche. That’s like caramel on top of cinnamon buns, a classic bakery combination! Of course, some fruit and rainbow non-pareils added a fresh and flavorful twist. Fruit and chocolates topping off caramel-covered cinnamon buns. At Fresh Cup you are free to create the next new sensation.

Monica's Frozen Yogurt Creation at Fresh Cup Austin

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