Too Many Toppings To Name…But Not To Eat!

May 6, 2010 · Leave a Comment 

It was a beautiful day in our frozen yogurt neighborhood when two newcomers happened upon Fresh Cup. It’s always fun to see new customers become instant fans after trying a delicious swirl of Fresh Cup Frozen Yogurt for the very first time!

Rayanne had a fine time building her frozen yogurt creation. Too many different flavors to name, and same for the toppings. But it sure was fun, and delicious, too!

Rayanne's Fresh Cup Frozen Yogurt

When Sergio walked in for the first time, he wasn’t really sure how it all worked. But after tasting the yogurt, it was clear he liked choosing for himself what went into his cup. Here Sergio proudly shows off his unique Fresh Cup, which contained far too many yogurts and toppings to name, lest we leave something out and hurt a topping’s feelings. We all know how sensitive those toppings can get, all 60 of them think they are the stars of the show!

Sergio's Fresh Cup Frozen Yogurt

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