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American Idol Hopefuls Stop By Fresh Cup Frozen Yogurt

Kalin King and Erin Slaughter

Kalin King (left) and Erin Slaughter (right) were in town from Dallas to audition for American Idol. They visited Fresh Cup in Austin the evening before their auditions and came back the next day to say hi. Unfortunately they did not make it to the next round on Idol this time, but next time they are in town they will be stopping by the store for more delicious frozen yogurt. Kalin did mention that he likes Fresh Cup better than a frozen yogurt shop by his house because of our great customer service and wonderful yogurt, and that’s always great to hear!

Non-Fat Maraschino Cherry Tart

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Maraschino Cherry Tart at Fresh Cup Frozen Yogurt

This is no Shirley Temple folks! Our new Non-Fat Maraschino Cherry Tart frozen yogurt is the real deal. Creamy frozen yogurt with the delicious taste of Maraschino Cherries and just enough tart zing to put a smile on your face.

Here For A Limited Time Only!

Come in to Fresh Cup in north Austin and try out our newest tasty treat before it’s too late. Maraschino Cherry Tart Frozen Yogurt is only available for a limited time. Pick your cup before cherry season is over.

Taking The Smoothie Challenge

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So a guy walks into a yogurt shop…..

A Smooth Choice

No, this isn’t the beginning to a joke we’ve all heard a thousand times. You see, the gentleman in the picture holding the smoothie recently came in to Fresh Cup in Austin, absolutely sure that he wanted a nice cup of yogurt. Instead he was informed that in addition to great frozen yogurt, Fresh Cup is now also offering delicious smoothies as well. He wasn’t sure at first what he should do. Should he get the yogurt, or should he get the smoothie? He thought about it for a while and then asked two of our best Yogurtistas, James and Abe, what their opinion was. James told him that he really likes the Very-Berry with tart yogurt because it wasn’t too sweet but at the same time wasn’t really tart either. This gave Abe time to finish his own smoothie (that he erroneously thought he’d been successful at hiding from everyone) before adding that the Strawberry Banana smoothie with No-Sugar-Added Vanilla yogurt was excellent because it made the smoothie a little sweeter.

In the end the customer went with the Strawberry Banana and Vanilla yogurt and of course, the whipped cream on top! He took one sip, his eyes lit up and he said, “oh man, I have to bring my girlfriend in here! She’ll love this place, and this is a GREAT smoothie. I will┬ádefinitely┬ábe coming back here for this. This is awesome.”

The moral of this story? Hmmm, not sure there is one but if I had to guess, it might be that you should spend less time reading about other people enjoying their first Smoothie at Fresh Cup and spend more time heading over to try one for yourself!

Fresh Cup Is Now Serving Up Smoothies!

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Fresh Cup Frozen Yogurt Smoothies

We just added smoothies to our offerings at Fresh Cup! There are 4 flavors, all 16oz and all made with real fruit. The great thing about our Smoothies is that, just like our Yogurt, it is highly customizable. Folks can choose any of our 12 flavors on the Yogurt Wall to add it to their smoothies at no additional charge.

Four Flavors To Tantalize Your Taste Buds

Strawberry Banana
Sweet Strawberries and creamy Bananas.
Cherry Berry
Natural Cherry Flavor with Strawberry and Raspberry.
Mango Bango
Our jungle mix of luscious Mango and Banana.
Tropical Delight
This island treat combines Coconut, Banana and Pineapple.

We can mix the flavors and we’re happy to add 2 oz of yogurt at no additional charge. We can also blend in fresh fruits or other toppings for only $0.25 a scoop per topping!

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Bring Smiles To Our Toppings Bar

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Jelly Belly Frozen Yogurt Topping at Fresh CupFresh Cup Frozen Yogurt has added Jelly Belly Gourmet Jelly Beans to an already impressive lineup of fun and delicious frozen yogurt toppings in our Toppings Bar. These colorful little critters have been the premier jelly bean treat for generations, so where else should they go but right on top of the Austin’s best frozen yogurt? And unlike those pesky M&M’s you see in the commercials, these little jellys don’t have legs to run away!

Latest Entries To Fresh Cup Wall Of Fame

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Kathryn is a UT student, who was pleased to pose with her frozen yogurt creation in front of our Wall of Fame.

Kathryn's Frozen Yogurt at Fresh Cup Austin

Raja took it in stride when we guessed his age wrong. But we were correct when we guessed he loved the self-serve frozen yogurt at Fresh Cup, as evidenced by his empty cup!

Raja's Frozen Yogurt at Fresh Cup Austin

This family had so much fun creating and eating their creations, there wasn’t much yogurt left before we snapped their photo. Noah wondered what we did at Fresh Cup all day, so we deputized him to show the next customers how it works: #1 Grab a Cup, #2 Fill it Up, #3 Weigh and Pay. The kids mastered it instantly, proving that creating yogurt masterpieces is as easy as 1-2-3!

Rachel's Frozen Yogurt at Fresh Cup Austin

Tough Job…But Someone’s Got To Do It!

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Cinnamon Buns Frozen Yogurt at Fresh CupWe’ve had such a fun week here at Fresh Cup Frozen Yogurt! Lots of new and returning froyo fans stopping by for a cool treat to beat the heat! Perhaps the best part is how many of you are eager to pose with your yogurt masterpieces so that you too can be added to our Customer Creations photo gallery. If you haven’t checked it out yet, head on over to our Facebook page. Then grab a cup, fill it up, smile and say ‘cheesecake bites’ and voila….before you know it you’ll be added to the collection!

Now Auditioning Fabulous New Fresh Cup Flavors

This week has also brought some difficult challenges which we feel honor bound to tell you about. It all started when someone suggested that we should get a jump on even MORE great new frozen yogurt flavors to add to our already crowded Yogurt Wall. It probably shouldn’t have come as a big surprise that the same person who suggested this was also the first to volunteer as taste tester. Talk about creating opportunity for yourself! Who says dedicated employees are hard to find? Nobody at Fresh Cup, that’s for sure!

Strawberry Kiwi Frozen Yogurt at Fresh CupNow I can’t give away any flavor details (rumors of Cinnamon Bun, Kiwi-Strawberry Sorbet and Pecan-Praline have swirled around though I’m not one to pass along rumors), but I can tell you that some of the new possibilities will be auditioning on our Yogurt Wall over the next couple of weeks. Be warned however; blink and you may miss them! I’m not suggesting that you add Fresh Cup to your GPS speed dial or anything, but on the other hand……isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? Just saying…….

We’re having a great time here at Fresh Cup and we wanted fans of Austin’s best frozen yogurt to know just how committed we are to you!

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