Taking The Smoothie Challenge

So a guy walks into a yogurt shop…..

A Smooth Choice

No, this isn’t the beginning to a joke we’ve all heard a thousand times. You see, the gentleman in the picture holding the smoothie recently came in to Fresh Cup in Austin, absolutely sure that he wanted a nice cup of yogurt. Instead he was informed that in addition to great frozen yogurt, Fresh Cup is now also offering delicious smoothies as well. He wasn’t sure at first what he should do. Should he get the yogurt, or should he get the smoothie? He thought about it for a while and then asked two of our best Yogurtistas, James and Abe, what their opinion was. James told him that he really likes the Very-Berry with tart yogurt because it wasn’t too sweet but at the same time wasn’t really tart either. This gave Abe time to finish his own smoothie (that he erroneously thought he’d been successful at hiding from everyone) before adding that the Strawberry Banana smoothie with No-Sugar-Added Vanilla yogurt was excellent because it made the smoothie a little sweeter.

In the end the customer went with the Strawberry Banana and Vanilla yogurt and of course, the whipped cream on top! He took one sip, his eyes lit up and he said, “oh man, I have to bring my girlfriend in here! She’ll love this place, and this is a GREAT smoothie. I will definitely be coming back here for this. This is awesome.”

The moral of this story? Hmmm, not sure there is one but if I had to guess, it might be that you should spend less time reading about other people enjoying their first Smoothie at Fresh Cup and spend more time heading over to try one for yourself!

Latest Entries To Fresh Cup Wall Of Fame

Kathryn is a UT student, who was pleased to pose with her frozen yogurt creation in front of our Wall of Fame.

Kathryn's Frozen Yogurt at Fresh Cup Austin

Raja took it in stride when we guessed his age wrong. But we were correct when we guessed he loved the self-serve frozen yogurt at Fresh Cup, as evidenced by his empty cup!

Raja's Frozen Yogurt at Fresh Cup Austin
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Too Many Toppings To Name…But Not To Eat!

It was a beautiful day in our frozen yogurt neighborhood when two newcomers happened upon Fresh Cup. It’s always fun to see new customers become instant fans after trying a delicious swirl of Fresh Cup Frozen Yogurt for the very first time!

Rayanne had a fine time building her frozen yogurt creation. Too many different flavors to name, and same for the toppings. But it sure was fun, and delicious, too!

Rayanne's Fresh Cup Frozen Yogurt
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Signature Creations Are The Flavors Of Spring

Kamryn came to Fresh Cup with her mom, and together they built their frozen yogurt masterpieces, with one to spare! This is Kamryn posing with their creations (that’s Kamryn’s on the right.) Any other budding yogurt artists itching to show their talent? Fresh Cup lets you create the yogurt of your dreams!

Kamryn's Frozen Yogurt Creation at Fresh Cup
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Good Prep Leads To Delicious Payoff!

Great frozen yogurt obviously starts with the yogurt itself. But what takes an already delectable treat and makes it something…..froyolicious? Simple, Fresh Cup’s unbeatable toppings bar. But this collection of fresh cut fruits, candies and baked treats doesn’t get to be this good without hard work.

Here we have Abe slicing fresh strawberries for the toppings bar, a daily ritual at Fresh Cup Frozen Yogurt. Next stop, kiwis and mangoes.

Next we see the payoff of Abe’s hard work in the Fresh Cup of yogurt fan Jessie. Jessie loves fruity flavors, so naturally his cup contained Georgia Peach, Strawberry-Banana, and Pomegranate-Raspberry frozen yogurts. He topped it off with fresh kiwi and strawberries with a small dose of M&Ms for indulgence. Now that’s a refreshing Fresh Cup if I’ve ever seen one.

Fresh fruit over frozen yogurt? That’s Fresh Cup! Come by and try some today.

Fresh Cup Froyoman Abe
Jessie's Fresh Cup

Fresh Cup Fan Creations

This time we got a yogurtista of ours to pose with her creation. This is Sara and her frozen yogurt, which was topped today with fresh-cut kiwi, strawberries and blackberries. Now that’s what I call a Fresh Cup!

Leslie’s creation featured Cake Batter frozen yogurt, covered in fresh strawberries, kiwi, blackberries, blueberries, and cheesecake bites.

Sara's Fresh Cup
Leslie's Fresh Cup

Spring Creations by Fresh Cup’s Fans!

Spring is officially here, and what a beautiful one it’s turning out to be! The sun is out, things are warming up and the colors of spring are everywhere. Just check out these latest creations by Fresh Cup fans, hungry for a tasty treat as wonderful as the season itself!

Adriane's Fresh Cup of Austin's Best Frozen Yogurt
Troy's Fresh Cup of Austin's Best Frozen Yogurt
Pei's Fresh Cup of Austin's Best Frozen Yogurt
Angela's Fresh Cup of Austin's Best Frozen Yogurt

Another Inspired Frozen Yogurt Combination!

Red Velvet Yogurt with Strawberries and Sour WormsThis incredible frozen yogurt and topping combination is brought to you by a regular here at Fresh Cup. And who better to teach the art of properly topping a fresh swirl of delicious frozen yogurt than the experts who do it every day. After all…practice makes perfect, right? And when you’re dealing with Austin’s best frozen yogurt, perfection is pretty easily reached!

Red Velvet Cake Frozen Yogurt with Strawberries and Sour Worms

The creamy smooth frozen yogurt is complimented by a mountain of strawberries and sour worms. In fact it was such a mountain of toppings we had to have an aerial photograph taken. But a bigger surprise than the size of the swirl turns out to be the taste of the combo. I mean who would have thought sour worms could be so sweet?

One of the best aspects of the Red Velvet Cake frozen yogurt is that it literally advertises itself! Our regular kindly informed our next set of guests that it is the best yogurt we have. We didn’t even have to tell them ourselves, which we are honor bound to do of course. Now THAT is how frozen yogurt should be. Come in and find out for yourself why Fresh Cup is the best frozen yogurt in Austin!

What’s In Your Perfect Cup?

Austin Frozen Yogurt Flavor Combo with ToppingsAnother day and another opportunity to assemble the best frozen yogurt creation in Austin. I will do my best to recall what was put into this fantastic looking collection of creamy yogurt. No-Sugar-Added Strawberry, our new super delicious Red Velvet Cake, Pistachio, Cake Batter, New York Cheesecake, Cookie Dough topping, Rainbow Sprinkles, some Fruity Pebbles and of course, the mother of all toppings, Whipped Cream!

Are You Ready For Austin’s Best Frozen Yogurt?

If the description above doesn’t get your taste buds tingling, you obviously haven’t tried our frozen yogurt. Hurry on in to Fresh Cup Frozen Yogurt now before we sell out of our limited time Red Velvet and those awesome Sweethearts candy yogurt topping.