Non-Fat Maraschino Cherry Tart

Maraschino Cherry Tart at Fresh Cup Frozen Yogurt

This is no Shirley Temple folks! Our new Non-Fat Maraschino Cherry Tart frozen yogurt is the real deal. Creamy frozen yogurt with the delicious taste of Maraschino Cherries and just enough tart zing to put a smile on your face.

Here For A Limited Time Only!

Come in to Fresh Cup in north Austin and try out our newest tasty treat before it’s too late. Maraschino Cherry Tart Frozen Yogurt is only available for a limited time. Pick your cup before cherry season is over.

Tough Job…But Someone’s Got To Do It!

Cinnamon Buns Frozen Yogurt at Fresh CupWe’ve had such a fun week here at Fresh Cup Frozen Yogurt! Lots of new and returning froyo fans stopping by for a cool treat to beat the heat! Perhaps the best part is how many of you are eager to pose with your yogurt masterpieces so that you too can be added to our Customer Creations photo gallery. If you haven’t checked it out yet, head on over to our Facebook page. Then grab a cup, fill it up, smile and say ‘cheesecake bites’ and voila….before you know it you’ll be added to the collection!

Now Auditioning Fabulous New Fresh Cup Flavors

This week has also brought some difficult challenges which we feel honor bound to tell you about. It all started when someone suggested that we should get a jump on even MORE great new frozen yogurt flavors to add to our already crowded Yogurt Wall. It probably shouldn’t have come as a big surprise that the same person who suggested this was also the first to volunteer as taste tester. Talk about creating opportunity for yourself! Who says dedicated employees are hard to find? Nobody at Fresh Cup, that’s for sure!

Strawberry Kiwi Frozen Yogurt at Fresh CupNow I can’t give away any flavor details (rumors of Cinnamon Bun, Kiwi-Strawberry Sorbet and Pecan-Praline have swirled around though I’m not one to pass along rumors), but I can tell you that some of the new possibilities will be auditioning on our Yogurt Wall over the next couple of weeks. Be warned however; blink and you may miss them! I’m not suggesting that you add Fresh Cup to your GPS speed dial or anything, but on the other hand……isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? Just saying…….

We’re having a great time here at Fresh Cup and we wanted fans of Austin’s best frozen yogurt to know just how committed we are to you!

The Return Of Two Great Flavors!

Pomegranate-Raspberry & Georgia PeachTwo wonderful flavors have returned to the yogurt wall at Fresh Cup and just in time for warmer weather! Nothing beats the heat and satisfies the desire for cool fresh fruit flavor like these fan favorites.

Georgia Peach Frozen Yogurt & Pomegranate-Raspberry Sorbet.

Georgia Peach is a non-fat yogurt that immediately brings to mind the wonderful fresh peaches that we in central Texas are so fortunate to find at roadside stands throughout the picking season. Just the right amount of sweetness makes this creamy yogurt a dream come true!

Pomegranate-Raspberry is also non-fat, but just happens to be a non-dairy sorbet as well! Two distinct and delicious flavors combine to make a perfect match of tart and sweet. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re going to love it.

So come on in and grab a cup, fill it up, and let the fun begin. Taste why Fresh Cup is the best frozen yogurt in Austin!

Dulce de Leche – Viva la Fresh Cup!

Dulce De LechePrepare for your mouth to water; Dulce de Leche low-fat frozen yogurt is now creating smiles at Fresh Cup Frozen Yogurt in Austin. Spanish for sweet milk, Dulce de Leche is now synonymous with yummy caramel goodness. This Latin American inspired frozen yogurt flavor is a taste sensation fro-yo lovers simply won’t want to miss!

Low-Fat, Low Guilt, Rich Caramel Sweet Milk Flavor!

Come in to Fresh Cup and indulge your love for caramel. Our delicate and not-too-sweet low-fat Dulce de Leche is just the latest reason why Fresh Cup is Austin’s best frozen yogurt!

Non-Fat Vanilla – Now With No Sugar Added!

Vanilla Frozen Yogurt - Non-Fat No Sugar Added - Fresh Cup Frozen YogurtOur creamy fat-free vanilla frozen yogurt has shed the added sugar and emerged better than ever! We think you’ll find that we’ve struck the perfect balance between sweetness and flavor on the way to frozen yogurt perfection. Packed with healthy live and active yogurt cultures, this is great fro-yo you can really feel good about.

Frozen Yogurt So Good We Just Can’t Top It….But You Can!

Swirling yourself a cloud of non-fat vanilla isn’t the last stop on the line. Next stop is the toppings bar. Mix in some chocolate chips for a classic flavor combo or stay light and fresh with a colorful sprinkling of mochi and fresh cut kiwi. Yum!

Your search is over and vanilla connoisseurs can rejoice – Delicious non-fat vanilla at Fresh Cup, now with no sugar added. Yet another reason Fresh Cup serves up the best frozen yogurt in Austin.

No Sugar Added Non-Fat Chocolate

Classic Chocolate Frozen Yogurt with No Sugar AddedIs it too much to ask to be able to enjoy all the rich chocolate goodness you’re craving without the added sugar? Well, not anymore! As you might have come to expect by now, Fresh Cup has a delicious answer to just such a question; Chocolate Frozen Yogurt with NO SUGAR ADDED (pause for applause, cheering and perhaps a little drooling).

Rich Creamy Chocolate – Everything You Love, No Added Sugar!

Now, I know what you must be thinking; surely there’s some trade off somewhere to make the impossible possible, right? Like more fat perhaps? Well you’d be wrong (now don’t you feel sheepish?). Hold on to your belt because you won’t need a bigger one….this new chocolate perfection just happens to be FAT FREE as well! It’s ok, take a minute to sit down and absorb all this, we got pretty emotional ourselves over the whole thing. All the creamy deliciousness and chocolate perfection, now with fewer calories You’ll never know the difference.

We can’t speak for cake, but at Fresh Cup Frozen Yogurt you can definitely have your yogurt AND eat it too!

Tart Green Tea Frozen Yogurt

Tart Green Tea Frozen Yogurt | Fresh Cup Frozen YogurtFor those of you who just can’t get enough ‘tart goodness’ packed into your day, have we got something new for you! A favorite of ours can now become a favorite of yours with Fresh Cup’s newest non-fat addition to our Yogurt Wall – Tart Green Tea Frozen Yogurt!

A Two Part Taste Sensation Plays Out With Every Bite

Lovers of green tea will be expecting the distinctly light and fresh flavor that is a hallmark of all things green tea, and they won’t be disappointed. However, the first thing that comes through is a tart zing that only then gives way to the sweet and subtle tones of the green tea. Add to that how perfectly this new frozen yogurt flavor lends itself to being coupled with such toppings as fresh fruit and berries, and surprisingly, all things chocolate. Don’t believe me? Why not come into Fresh Cup and taste for yourself!

Green Tea non-fat frozen yogurt is the latest example of why Fresh Cup is the Austin frozen yogurt treat that just can’t be beat. Come in and get your Fresh Cup today!

Non-Fat No Sugar Added Strawberry-Banana

Non-Fat No Sugar Added Strawberry Banana Frozen YogurtThe latest flavor to hit the Austin frozen yogurt scene here at Fresh Cup is non other than that tried and true fruit combo of fresh sweet strawberry and creamy smooth banana. Add to that the fact that this is a fat-free and no-sugar added flavor and you’ve got yourself a true guilt free taste treat.

A Yogurt Flavor We’ve All Loved For Years – Now At Fresh Cup!

Like the taste bud teams of raspberry and chocolate and, more recently, Irish Mint and Red Velvet Cake (who first met at Fresh Cup by the way), Strawberry and Banana have been a favored pair for years! Now that we’ve got them together again at Fresh Cup, why not come in and put them in their place (your cup) and shower them with affection (I mean toppings of course….never kiss your yogurt unless nobody is looking….like we do).

Go Green With Irish Mint Frozen Yogurt At Fresh Cup!

Irish Mint Frozen Yogurt at Fresh Cup AustinWe’re getting our green on just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! Starting today, Fresh Cup has added a creamy and delicious new flavor treat to the yogurt wall at our location in North Austin…. Irish Mint! There’s no tastier way to head into spring than with this yummy new yogurt flavor.

Non-Fat Gold At The End Of The Rainbow!

Worried you won’t find a topping that’s as unique, flavorful and fun as the Irish Mint yogurt itself? How about Andes Mint pieces? Brownie Bites¬†and perhaps a little¬†whipped cream too?

The possibilities are endless……

What’s In Your Perfect Cup?

Austin Frozen Yogurt Flavor Combo with ToppingsAnother day and another opportunity to assemble the best frozen yogurt creation in Austin. I will do my best to recall what was put into this fantastic looking collection of creamy yogurt. No-Sugar-Added Strawberry, our new super delicious Red Velvet Cake, Pistachio, Cake Batter, New York Cheesecake, Cookie Dough topping, Rainbow Sprinkles, some Fruity Pebbles and of course, the mother of all toppings, Whipped Cream!

Are You Ready For Austin’s Best Frozen Yogurt?

If the description above doesn’t get your taste buds tingling, you obviously haven’t tried our frozen yogurt. Hurry on in to Fresh Cup Frozen Yogurt now before we sell out of our limited time Red Velvet and those awesome Sweethearts candy yogurt topping.

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