Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Bring Smiles To Our Toppings Bar

Jelly Belly Frozen Yogurt Topping at Fresh CupFresh Cup Frozen Yogurt has added Jelly Belly Gourmet Jelly Beans to an already impressive lineup of fun and delicious frozen yogurt toppings in our Toppings Bar. These colorful little critters have been the premier jelly bean treat for generations, so where else should they go but right on top of the Austin’s best frozen yogurt? And unlike those pesky M&M’s you see in the commercials, these little jellys don’t have legs to run away!

Put A Smile On Your Frozen Yogurt With Rainbow Mochi

Rainbow Mochi Frozen Yogurt ToppingRainbow Mochi has now taken up residence in our toppings bar here at Fresh Cup Frozen Yogurt. Where once only the humble white mochi reigned supreme, the spotlight is now shared with this yummy and colorful cousin.

We’re sure you’ll agree that Rainbow Mochi is a very formidable topping for any of our frozen yogurt treats. So come on in to Fresh Cup and paint a rainbow smile on your next swirl of Austin’s best frozen yogurt.

Andes Mints Yogurt Topping – The Peak Of Flavor!

Andes Mints - New Frozen Yogurt ToppingHere’s the dilemma some folks may run into when trying the delicious new Irish Mint frozen yogurt flavor at Fresh Cup; how to top a mountain of cool creamy mint yogurt? Luckily the folks who created the problem in the first place have come to the rescue with an inspired solution.

Andes Creme de Menthe Pieces Frozen Yogurt Topping

As the number one after-dinner mint, Andes Crème de Menthe delivers a smooth blend of mint and chocolate. It also just happens to make a perfect topping for Fresh Cup’s Irish Mint, a non-fat taste sensation just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! Hurry in and try both of these great new additions and find out for yourself why Fresh Cup is the best frozen yogurt in Austin!

Our Yogurt Just Got Even More Magically Delicious!

Irish Mint Frozen Yogurt with Lucky CharmsThe toasted oat and marshmallow childhood favorite (with plenty of adult appeal!) has made the jump from your cereal bowl into fresher territory. Fresh Cup has just added Lucky Charms to their lineup of delicious, fun and unique frozen yogurt toppings.

Leaping Leprechauns – There Are Marshmallows On My Yogurt!

Today’s creation: Irish Mint & Red Velvet Frozen Yogurt with fresh berries below and Andes Mints mixed with Lucky Charms on top. Froyolicious!

Do not attempt this at home! Do not attempt this alone! Grab a friend and come in to Fresh Cup – Austin’s best frozen yogurt.

What’s In Your Perfect Cup?

Austin Frozen Yogurt Flavor Combo with ToppingsAnother day and another opportunity to assemble the best frozen yogurt creation in Austin. I will do my best to recall what was put into this fantastic looking collection of creamy yogurt. No-Sugar-Added Strawberry, our new super delicious Red Velvet Cake, Pistachio, Cake Batter, New York Cheesecake, Cookie Dough topping, Rainbow Sprinkles, some Fruity Pebbles and of course, the mother of all toppings, Whipped Cream!

Are You Ready For Austin’s Best Frozen Yogurt?

If the description above doesn’t get your taste buds tingling, you obviously haven’t tried our frozen yogurt. Hurry on in to Fresh Cup Frozen Yogurt now before we sell out of our limited time Red Velvet and those awesome Sweethearts candy yogurt topping.

New Valentine’s Yogurt Topping Is A Sweetheart Of A Deal

Red Velvet Frozen Yogurt and Sweethearts Candy ToppingDon’t let the humble foamy circle of whipped cream fool you; beneath it lies a simple yet dangerous combination of Austin’s newest (and perhaps best) frozen yogurt and topping combo.

Red Velvet Cake Frozen Yogurt and Sweethearts Candy Hearts!

How could something so simple be dangerous you may ask? Two words… super delicious. The Red Velvet Cake frozen yogurt has the texture of, for lack of a better word, velvet. It is incredibly smooth and rich tasting. The candy hearts add a new dimension of flavor and texture making that “I NEED MORE” craving even more hard to resist! Can’t wait for Valentine’s Day? Don’t bother. Come in to Fresh Cup Frozen Yogurt in Austin and try out our newest combination. It’ll taste like Valentine’s came early just for you.

Not a fan of candy hearts? We have more than 50 other toppings to choose from. Mix and match any of them to create Austin’s best frozen yogurt confection.

Fresh Cup Breaks Out The Graham Crackers

Graham Cracker Frozen Yogurt ToppingLet’s start with something simple that we all know….Graham Crackers are made with a dash of sweet, a little helping of crunch and two heaping cups of yummy (personal recipe, yours may vary). However, what you may not know is that when these rectangles of tastiness are lovingly subjected to light pressure (smashed to pieces) and combined with just the right fresh, delicious yogurt, the resulting flavor explosion can be dangerously habit forming.

Can Austin Handle Low Fat & Fat Free Frozen Yogurt This Delicious?

It has recently been discovered that the flavor specialists at Fresh Cup Frozen Yogurt are carelessly allowing regular folks like you and I to just wander in and start playing around with this powerful new combination. Worse yet, they go out of their way to make it easy for you, offering up big chunks of crushed graham crackers and an endless supply of delectable low-fat and non-fat frozen yogurt flavors. Sure they don’t actually make you put these two taste sensations together, but they don’t exactly try and stop you either.

Fresh Cup’s Yogurt Toppings Bar Is Out Of Control!

Fresh Cup may well be the best frozen yogurt in Austin, but what they’ve got going on in their Toppings Bar is anything but conventional. It’s revolutionary, far too exciting, and I for one am not going to stand for it.

Thankfully they’ve got plenty of comfortable seating….