Fresh Cup Yogurt Wall

Fresh Cup Frozen Yogurt

At Fresh Cup Frozen Yogurt, we are all about being fresh and extraordinary! That’s why we choose to offer so many flavors of yogurt and delicious toppings. There is an almost endless supply of delectable combinations.

Live and Active Cultures SealSix machines supply 12 unique flavors and 6 twists for a total of 18 handles! Pull any handle and get something new! Plus, our frozen yogurt is made from real yogurt containing live and active cultures.  When you see the Live & Active Cultures seal, you know you are getting the healthy benefits of real yogurt in your tasty treat.

Everybody has a favorite flavor, what’s yours? Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry? Or do your taste buds crave Pomegranate, Mango and Cheesecake? Do you choose your flavors based on taste alone, or are you more conscious of eating fat-free, low-fat or no-sugar-added flavors for a healthier cup? We have it all and can please everyone!

Come in and try out something new. You never know what your next favorite flavor will be.

Taste The Best Frozen Yogurt In Austin!

Maraschino Cherry Tart
Heath Toffee Crunch
Juicy Peach Tart
Mango Tart
Strawberry Kiwi
Blueberry Pomegranate Tart
Cinnamon Bun
Green Apple Tart
Pineapple Express Tart
Red Velvet Cupcake
Low-Fat Dulce de Leche
Non-Fat No-Sugar-Added Vanilla
Non-Fat No-Sugar-Added Chocolate
Non-Fat Tart Green Tea
Non-Fat No-Sugar-Added Strawberry Banana
Non-Fat Irish Mint
Low-Fat Red Velvet
Low-Fat Cake Batter
Low-Fat Mango Tango Sorbet
Non-Fat No-Sugar-Added Strawberry
Non-Fat Cookies and Cream
Non-Fat Georgia Peach
Non-Fat New York Cheesecake
Non-Fat Eurotart
Low-Fat Peanut Butter
Non-Fat Peppermint Stick
Non-Fat Pistachio
Non-Fat No-Sugar-Added Blueberry
Non-Fat Non-Dairy Pomegranate-Raspberry
Non-Fat Wildberry Tart
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